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Before 10 Sep
Entry Fee
Before 8 Oct
Event 1: 3km Men & Women, All Ages 09h00 R165 R180 Enter here
Event 2: Women (31+), Girls (13 yrs & younger) 10h30 R165 R180 Enter here
Event 3: 1 Men (31+), Boys (13 yrs & younger) 11h30 R165 R180 Enter here
Event 4: Women (14-30), Physically & Intellectually Disabled 12h30 R165 R180 Enter here
Event 5: Men (14-30), Physically & Intellectually Disabled 13h30 R165 R180 Enter here
Event 6: 600m Fun Swim 14h15 R85 R95 Enter here

Payment Methods

Payment by Direct Deposit/EFT
Once you have submitted your entry form and it has passed all the checks it will be placed in the pending entries queue. You will then be taken to a page confirming receipt of you entry. You will also be sent an email with the same confirmation. Included in the confirmation is a unique reference number and our banking details. An option is also included to pay by Credit Card for your convenience. Once your payment has been received your entry will be confirmed.

Payment by Credit Card

Once your entry form has been completed and checked, you will be sent an email confirming receipt of your entry from this site. It also contains information for retrying your payment should you experience any difficulty. You will then be automatically directed to the VCS Payment website to complete the payment for your entry. The secure VCS payment page is secured using 128 bit SSL encryption. Once payment is completed you will be returned to this site where your entry will be processed and you see a page confirming the details of your entry.
Additional Information
  1. Payments are accepted via MasterCard or Visa credit cards
  2. The prices quoted are in South African Rands
  3. Once your entry has been processed your payment cannot be refunded
  4. Your bank statement will reflect a charge from 'MIDMAR MILE'
  5. No payment information (Credit Card numbers, CVC numbers) are transmitted to, stored or shared by this website